Aydan – Grow up

Australian singer-songwriter AYDAN returns today with his brand-new single “GROW UP!”, a song representing a defining moment in his life as he steps into adulthood. AYDAN has left his teenage years behind with a newfound maturity that he is learning to embrace. But one thing the 20-year-old wants to hold on to from his youth is the carefree energy he has always been drawn to. It is the perfect track for AYDAN to hold onto that playful spark and deliver richly with his impressive signature vocals.

AYDAN explains, “I think I’m quite a carefree kind of guy and I try not to let things affect me too much. I’m loving moving into this next phase of my life and music career, but I want to make sure I hold on to my sense of fun. This song really captures this, and I hope that others will relate to the vibe and the freedom of this song.”

With over 30 x Million Streams, 400,000+ social following and Sold Out shows AYDAN says he is still on his self-discovery journey adding, “I am finding my feet with who I want to be in the world, and who I want to be as an artist. I feel like I’m starting my career and learning who I am along the way.”

“GROW UP!” was written by Jack Gray, Austin Zudeck, Justin Thunstrom, Zev Troxler and produced by PARKWILD. It’s a song that’s been a little while coming since his last solo release but worth the wait as he honed his craft and artistic vision. While working on music AYDAN starred in the musical “Fangirls”, playing the lead role Harry to rave reviews which wrapped up a national Australian Tour in May 2021.

As AYDAN steers his way into this new chapter with the release of ‘Grow Up’, his feet are firmly grounded on the floor with a growing maturity that perfectly contrasts his playful youthfulness that his dedicated large fanbase have fallen for over the years.

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