Pearl Jam – Dark Matter

Already heralded as the band’s best in decades, Pearl Jam proudly present their anxiously awaited twelfth studio album, Dark Matter, available now via Monkeywrench Records/Republic Records. Listen HERE .

From the kinetic opener “Scared of Fear” through the optimistic exhale of album closer “Setting Sun,” these eleven tracks find the musicians firing on all cylinders. A surge of energy underscores this body of work amplified by thunderous rhythms, skyscraping guitar solos, and vital vocals. Produced by GRAMMY® award winning producer Andrew Watt, Dark Matter, marks the band’s first release since critically acclaimed Gigaton (2020).

Pearl Jam initially set the stage for Dark Matter with the title track and lead single “Dark Matter.” It surged to #1 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock Airplay Chart, where it remained for 3 weeks, netting the band’s first leader on the respective chart since 1998. It also captured #1 on the Billboard Rock & Alternative Airplay Chart.

“I would recommend you play it loud, like, really loud.” – Eddie Vedder, on how to properly listen to Dark Matter. (Via Alt 98.7)

“We’re proud of our twelfth baby after 33 years. So, sit back, close your eyes for the first listen, soak up the sounds and the words, and interpret them individually.” – Jeff Ament, advice on listening to Dark Matter for the first time.

“This one, we’re all in the room at the same time, with Andrew, and we’re all looking at each other, playing off of each other.” – Mike McCready, on the band’s recording process for Dark Matter. (Via Goldmine).

“It’s still making art with your friends. That always excites me. In that collaboration and the mix of being part of something that you’re not really in control of but you know that you’re playing a role in it, that’s a fun place to play. And it’s still fun to play, like a kid.” – Stone Gossard, on band collaboration. (Via Seattle Times)

“Andrew really understands the importance of performance in the studio, which is kind of how I operate, so we were on a really good working relationship from day one.” – Matt Cameron, on collaborating with Andrew Watt on Dark Matter. (Via New & Approved)

The band has staunchly continued their support of independent retailers by offering various, limited-edition galactic color variants of Dark Matter exclusively at select indie retail stores with 8 different colorways in the US and 2 additional for international. More info HERE.

In celebration of Record Store Day, Pearl Jam held 180 listening parties across 150 US stores and 30 international. Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament from the band made a special surprise appearance at Easy Street Records in Seattle for the event. See photos HERE. The band is also celebrating indie record stores with the release of a special edition of Dark Matter available only at participating stores as part of Record Store Day. Get more information and find stores at

On Tuesday, April 16th, Pearl Jam collaborated with Abramorama to create a unique global theatrical premiere of Dark Matter in over 45 countries and 900 cinemas. Pearl Jam – Dark Matter – Global Theatrical Experience – One Night Only was an immense success with many cinemas sold out and offering encore screenings of the experience.

Dark Matter album packaging features light painting art by Alexandr Gnezdilov. Light painting is an artistic form of photography where images are created by adjusting a camera’s exposure for an extended period and using a light source, such as a flashlight, to “paint” in the dark. The album cover art was crafted using a large self-made kaleidoscope. Each letter visible on the cover was individually captured and handwritten midair with a specially designed flashlight to create the pearlescent effect. See more info on Alexandr Gnezdilov below.

Dark Matter Tracklist

  1. Scared of Fear
  2. React, Respond
  3. Wreckage
  4. Dark Matter
  5. Won’t Tell
  6. Upper Hand
  7. Waiting for Stevie
  8. Running
  9. Something Special
  10. Got to Give
  11. Setting Sun

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