Crowded House – Sweet Tooth

Crowded House have today revealed the video for forthcoming single ‘Sweet Tooth’, the melodic and instantly memorable new track lifted from their award-winning album Dreamers Are Waiting.

The video footage was shot in between shows in NZ and later disintegrated by Liam Finn using a free video filter created by Irish visual artist David O’Reilly. Neil Finn then reassembled the footage into this swirling, psychedelic sugar rush.

“I wanted to have pictures that represented the giddy euphoria of eating sweets when you are a kid, a kind of sensory overload that resembles a drug experience,” Neil Finn said. Watch HERE.

Dreamers Are Waiting recently picked up the ARIA Award for Best Adult Contemporary album, and has been nominated for Best Record at the Sailor Jerry Rolling Stone Awards 2022, which will be held in Sydney on March 30.


” … these 12 tracks enlarge the band’s considerable legacy … Finn’s minor-key melodies remain a trademark, as demonstrated by the bittersweet Deeper Down, and his ability to encompass a chaotic world through the way two people intimately relate to one another is tender and inspiring. These songs aren’t anthems, they’re insinuative, and they open up in fascinating ways.” 4 stars, Craig Mathieson, Spectrum, Sydney Morning Herald

“For all the ornate hooks and tidy lyrical phrases on display here, it’s that effortless dynamism that keeps these songs so fascinating … Now as much as ever before, Finn and co. focus their surplus of ideas into an accessible package that’s equally quirky and classic.” Doug Wallen, The Australian

” … from the lilting opening strains of Bad Times Good, it’s clear we’re firmly back in Crowded House territory. There are the playful harmonies and sublime guitar outro of the jaunty To the Island, while Sweet Tooth is similarly infectious. The Trump phenomenon compelled Finn to make a rare foray into politics with Whatever You Want, which has shades of his Seven Worlds Collide project. Meanwhile, Real Life Woman is an ode to his Fleetwood Mac bandmate Stevie Nicks. The album is front-loaded with the most accessible tunes, the others promise to reveal themselves with time.” 4 stars, John O’Brien, Courier Mail

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