Storm & Stone – Fire & Smoke

Internationally recognised sibling trio Storm & Stone return with their new single ‘Fire & Smoke’. It follows on from their previous release ‘Town That Made Me’, which received extensive national airplay in Australia, garnering airplay in the US on stations including iHeart Radio Network, along with a billboard in New York’s Times Square.

Pitchfork Music describes the trio as having “finely crafted melodies, lush harmonies and a gorgeous chorus paired with heartfelt lyrics … with a laid-back country feel”. ‘Fire & Smoke’ brings these elements to the fore. It is a wistful, reflective song brimming with sweetness and light.

The track was a collaboration between Auriel, August, and Hallelujah, although the initial impetus came from Auriel, during a time of personal turmoil. August explains: “Auriel wrote it from a really personal space. It’s about a relationship that you know deep down isn’t right for you both, but because you truly love each other, you both choose to stay, even though your relationship is burning down around you. Every time I hear Hal sing it, I just tear up. It just hits me in the gut because it so perfectly sums up being in that place for me, and what I watched her go through.”

As with ‘Town That Made Me’, Storm & Stone once again teamed up with producer Matt ‘Xiro’ Fioravanti (Kwame, Phil Phresh, Jesswar, Rissa, Bread Club and Kymie) to produce ‘Fire & Smoke’. It was recorded at A Sharp Recording Studio in Riverwood, and Kiln Studios in St Peters, Sydney. The track also features local musicians Luke Herbert (Drums), Dominic Cabusi (Bass), Nikos Harpoulos- Smallman (Keys), Rosie Jackson (Backing Vocals and backing vocal arrangements), Lucia Neville (Backing Vocals), James Audet (Backing Vocals) and Liam Whelan (Backing Vocals).

The video for ‘Fire & Smoke’ was produced by Thomas Crnkovic of Cranky Dog Productions. Crnkovic who commented “Fire & Smoke is a song you hear and can’t help but feel a sense of impending, inescapable tragedy. For me, it was a feeling of being in a relationship, feeling deeply in love, but knowing that it’s not going to work out. That’s what I wanted to capture. It’s the story of adultery, of the pain of knowing what the other person has done and the melancholic nostalgia for how things used to be. And yet, despite all that, despite being in the house as it’s burning down around you, it’s still hard to say goodbye. It was a beautifully potent song to work with.”

As Sunburnt Country have stated “Storm & Stone are a band whose members are in sync with each other. And while sibling harmonies may come fairly naturally, it’s clear that the siblings are accomplished singers, and that’s what gives the track its sweet power”. ‘Fire & Smoke’ is a single that showcases these talented siblings at their best, and it shows they have a bright future creating trailblazing music ahead of them.

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