Cornell & Carr celebrate the release of their new single WHATCHAWANNA their third release for 2021.

“Ironically, this song is all about freedom and throwing caution to the wind.Something nobody has been able to do for quite a while now ” Mike laughs.

But where exactly did the the inspiration come from for “Whatchawanna”?

“We wrote the song way before lockdown was a thing. The song was more reflective of the journey Mike & I were on at the time. We were deep in thought about ” Cornell & Carr ” and the direction we were headed as a duo” Matt says.”We decided the best thing for us to do ,was to be ourselves no matter what and let the music do the talking for us” Mike adds.

“Whatchawanna” comes hot on the heels of the boys previous release “Beertalk”and continues to shape Cornell & Carr as “the feel good” act of 2021.

The song was recorded with well known producer Matt Fell and displays all the wonderful bits and pieces he brings to a song. Especially a country song !

It’s a vast new landscape for artists moving forward with live performance coming to a screaming halt , and the uncertainty of it’s future. Being the main source of income , for independent artists especially , Cornell & Carr are relying on the strength and appeal of the song , as well as a strong fan base for a successful releaseā€¦just like the old days!

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