Chalcedony – Shark Eyes

Vancouver, BC based DIY indie label Aura Aurora Records releases debut single “Shark Eyes” by Chalcedony this Friday, September 24th.

The 90s may have happened 30+ years ago, but Chalcedony and Aura Aurora Records’ founder Cate Horsley – along with her cohort & bass player Gillian Callander – are unleashing a musical cauldron of smoke & shimmer which harkens to their muses while leaning towards the future.

Recorded with producer and lead guitarist Felix Fung at Little Red Sounds in Vancouver, BC, “Shark Eyes” is the lead single off of Chalcedony’s forthcoming EP “Do You Really Wanna Know What the Fuck Goes On Inside My Head” which is set for a Spring 2022 release.

WHOOOSH’s Katy Krassner (Simon Le Bon’s podcast co-host) said “Wow wow!!!!” after hearing very early mixes of the EP. Check out the in-depth bio she penned below.

The music video for Shark Eyes drops Friday September 24th and has what Cate describes as a “trippy Forest Witch aesthetic” – just in time for spooky season. The video was produced, filmed and directed by visual artist Chris Rekrutiak of West Coast art collective Black Parachutes – who also created the single art from a still. “I wanted to capture the band at night lit by spotlights which created noisy textures and moody shadows. I used tangible filters on the lights and lens to create natural effects…fragmented light and refracted flairs, which are influenced by the lyrical content and are layered with floral fabric. The video is grunge magic, you have spotted the coven and are left spellbound having witnessed the supernatural.” shared Rekrutiak.

Georgia Straight and NOW Magazine’s Mike Usinger had this to say upon seeing an early cut of the video “magickal!”. Sounds like Black Parachutes nailed it on the head.

For those who love a good Easter Egg, the video was filmed on location at Klee Wyck Park, which has a storied history. The location was selected not only for its variety of natural backdrops, but for its palpable spirit. Having been a much-loved community site that was gifted by Dr. Ethlyn Trapp, to be utilized for the arts. Klee Wyck, also happened to be the nickname given to renowned Canadian artist Emily Carr, by the First Nations people of Ucluelet. Klee Wyck means the “Laughing One”.

The video will be released on Aura Aurora Records YouTube channel.

Chalcedony is currently busy rehearsing the EP tracks along with 3 new songs and a secret special cover tribute to support the upcoming EP release. The live incarnation of the band features Cate (vocals/baritone), Gillian (bass/vocals), Felix (lead guitar) along with drummer Phil Filion and back up singer Rachel Layne who also performed on the recordings. Stay tuned for dates.

Chalcedony is set to record three more songs this winter and will be shooting the music video for follow up single “Permanent Marker” very soon.

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