Benny Allen – Tired All The Time

A bout of insomnia and a couple of good mates have inspired Benny Allen’s new single, ‘Tired All The Time’.

“The song came to me at 3 o’clock one morning when I was lying in bed and my sarcastic inner voice was asking why I was so tired all the time,” the award-winning Victorian artist said. “The chorus came to me, then little verse bits as I thought about those mates we have who say they’re really busy working overtime, juggling family commitments and everything else and you wonder how they fit that all in.”

Originally written in a slower, ballad style, Benny worked on the song over a month and added a bit of a swing feel to it, and increased the tempo. The finished product has a honky tonk vibe and is a story that many listeners will connect with.

Produced by Michael Carpenter, ‘Tired All The Time’, features Benny on piano and vocals recorded in Melbourne, Michael on drums, acoustic guitars and bass, and Zane and Jy from The Banks Brothers on electric guitars and pedal steel. “I’m so excited about this song because I’m really happy with how it came together,” Benny said. “Mentioned in the song are a couple of good mates, too. I met Kim Wright and Aaron Jurd through the Academy of Country Music in 2018, and they fit the story in this song, so they’re mentioned.”

Although his previous single was a murder ballad, ‘Tired All The Time’ sees Benny return to a happier vein, in a similar vein, to an earlier single, ‘Lady Luck & Me’. “I want people to sing along with the chorus – my daughter has already told me it’s an ear worm and has been singing it to herself after just one listen!” Benny said.

“This is an anthem for the people who don’t get enough sleep.”

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