Upsahl – STOP!

Rising indie-pop star UPSAHL releases new single ‘STOP!’ featuring bassist Blu de Tiger.

The single arrives only months after the release of UPSAHL’s new EP “Young Life Crisis” which received critical acclaim including from NME and Nylon, as well as praise from Billie Eilish for two singles ‘12345Sex’ and ‘Drugs’.

An ode to the excitement and anxiety tied to attraction, “STOP!” is UPSAHL at her best, complete with stellar production, an irresistible beat, and her signature unfiltered lyricism.

About the track, UPSAHL says “It’s a sexually empowering song about the feeling of attraction. Like you’re so attracted to somebody that your heart might STOP! I’m unapologetic about being a sexual person, so here’s a song about being horny and the thirst for another person”.

UPSAHL is quickly becoming renowned for her ironic and biting lyrics, with ‘STOP!’ no exception. Her lyrics have come to life over the last few months, including Dork Magazine’s huge Homeschool Festival line-up headlined by Love Fame Tragedy and an EP release day livestream via her YouTube channel.

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