Donna Fisk – Crying Over

“Dark and drowning in my sorrows … this ain’t no party tune. Some songs are such that they can become an individual’s personal interpretation. Make of it what you will, but for me it rang of the opinion that joy seems so fleeting and sorrow lingers … Memories flood back of good times that live in the shadow of losing dear ones. There are songs for a time, songs that take you back to a time … ‘Crying Over’ is one of those songs”. – Donna Fisk.

Donna Fisk is an award winning singer, songwriter, recording artist, producer and Royal Command Performer with several number one chart topping hit recordings and the honour of being immortalised in the Australian Country Music Fame Park.

Woven into the narrative of Australian country music, it’s a family tradition akin to the Dusty, Kernaghan and Chambers clans with father Gene Bradley Fisk being a pioneer artist of the outlaw country genre and radio personality, inducted into the Broadcasters Hall of Fame.

Donna features in many music publications including Andrea Lemon’s book ‘Rodeo Girls Go Round The Outside’, exploring modern day female trailblazers for Australian country music. Touring her own show as well as performing and recording overseas, incorporating appearances on local and international media, the country music star is the voice on many national advertising campaigns including being assigned to perform for the Australian Government campaign song, ‘Building On A Strong Foundation’ as the anthem for ‘The Australian Centenary Of Federation’.

Donna is the face, voice and songwriter of ‘Australian Football League / Channel Seven’ live game broadcasts theme song, ‘Rock ‘n’ Footy’, ultimately performing at the Melbourne Cricket Ground for the prestigious AFL Grand Final to an audience of millions and the song rocketing into the ARIA charts and football folklore.

During her career, Donna has shared the stage with acclaimed artists such as John Denver, Donny Osmond, Dame Edna Everage, Tom .T. Hall, Canned Heat, Muhummad Ali, Brian Cadd, Susan Raye, James Morrison, Tommy Emmanuel, Dave Dudley, Blood Sweat and Tears, and The Seekers just to mention just a few.

Taylor B-W – I’m So Broke

Following close on the success of her single “Nunchucks “, rising Sydney indie pop/R&B artist Taylor B-W has a new addition to her strongly growing body of work. “I’m So Broke” flirts with the same colourful, 90s soundscape and vision, with a hint of current electro-pop intricacies inspired by Bebe Rexha, Kimbra and Billie Eilish. The new release is also accompanied by an innovative music video, directed by Sydney-based, Spanish filmmaker, Jordi Marin.

Bouncy and playful with its plucky Dr Dre-esque bass and West Coast whistle and melding B-W’s passion for 90s pop, hip-hop, and R&B, “I’m So Broke” draws you in, enticing you with its catchy melody and conversationalist lyricism, as if you are conversing with a friend.

During one of her frequent low points in life last year, B-W wrote the song around the sadness and depression she was experiencing, which coincided with Covid-19 and all her gigs being rapidly cancelled. “I’m So Broke” has a double-edged theme of feeling ‘unhinged’ along with a lack of funds. Not wanting to write a typical woe-is-me song, however, B-W decided to deliver her sentiments in a musically upbeat pop tune (with the help of producer Quinn), and still projecting her sassy, soulful, cool-girl sensibilities.

“We have all been there – some more consistently than others – where we just don’t feel OK. I have always struggled with my own mental health, and this song reflects my state of mind, with a double entendre of being financially unstable – I find the two can sometimes go hand-in-hand.”
Taylor B-W

Fans of B-W will certainly relate to her fun and cheeky treatment of the “I’m So Broke” music video. Filmed at Camperdown studios, director Jordi Marin used an Insta360 Pro 2 camera to experimentally create an orbital visual. Set in a ‘behind-the-scenes’ concept, we see three emotionally distinct ‘Taylors’ all vying for the attention of the camera, while the camera itself is rotating around, much like B-W’s own constant emotional turmoil.

“I’m a very visual person and I had seen what the Insta360 Camera could achieve, so I knew I wanted to incorporate this technique in my music video – to break away from moody lyrical sentiments and just have fun.”
Taylor B-W


“…fusing Little Dragon with Kimbra with very fine results!” Triple J, Declan Byrne

“Oh my days girl low-key singin’ like Mary J. overthose Banks-esque beats I’m here for the marriage of these worlds. That skilled control sounds effortless for you.”
Triple J, Ilai Swindells

” She has quickly established her penchant for crafting tracks that feel simultaneously dynamic and well thought-out; they’re always bursting at the seams with explosive energy, but never sacrifice musical acumen.” Happy Mag


While 2020 put a pause on his touring, it also allowed Lakyn to throw himself back into his writing and today the Melbourne artist releases his new single ‘Wayfarer’.

The first taste of these writing sessions is not a tribute to the iconic Ray Ban sunglasses but rather a shrewd metaphor on widening one’s perceptions on life. ‘Wayfarer’ was written alongside producer Kyran Daniel and Melbourne artist G Flip; inspired by music that would fit perfectly on radio station Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Lakyn says of his new single, “I wanted to make something with a good vibe. The world has been through so much, and I don’t need to be talking about my emotions. I wanted to focus on positivity. This led onto what I had been going through and highlighted something that other people had gone through; reinventing yourself through COVID.”

‘Wayfarer’ is Lakyn’s way of showcasing his renewed positive outlook on life, as well as giving fans a piece of music to lose themselves in.

Throughout 2020 Lakyn took his love of Grand Theft Auto’s radio stations a step further, “launching” the fictional radio station Daytona 4.32fm. He used the time spent in lockdown to build a merch line for the radio station, with the tagline “Everybody Hertz”, including skateboards, hats and t-shirts. Radio-themed puns aside, Lakyn imagines that if Daytona 4.32fm was real, they’d be playing Wayfarer on repeat

About Lakyn:

Skateboarder-turned-musician Lakyn was born in Auckland and now living in Melbourne. He is synonymous with Australia’s genre-bending next generation; his 2018 EP ‘& Pains’, for example, moulding together textures of indie, R&B, hip-hop and pop for a collection of tracks reflective of someone just beginning to hit their stride – both musically and personally. Since a skateboarding injury encouraged him to learn guitar, his music career captured attention with the release of singles ‘Choir Boy’, ‘West’, ‘View Looks So Good’, ‘Sweet Days’ and ‘Superhuman’. He has garnered over 18 million streams across DSP’s and has supported the likes of Vera Blue, Eves Karydas, LAUV and Eric Nam as well as headlined sold out shows in Sydney and Melbourne and played Isol-aid Festival last year.

Corrj – Lost In My Mind

Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Corrj presents his debut single ‘Lost In My Mind’, as featured on his upcoming concept album. The album is themed around the timeline of a relationship, with ‘Lost In My Mind’ being described as “arrogant, confident, and catchy; representing what being single feels like”.

Born in Australia, Corrj loves experimenting with new sounds, breaking the mould by working on the edge of genres thanks to an upbringing that exposed him to Mozart, Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, and everything in between.

“I want to create music that enhances your emotions, with songs for when the night is about to become something special; when you’ve got a drink in one hand and the other hand just wants to move with the vibe.”

This is Corrj, served on the rocks.

Bryce Sainty – Just Chillin’

Bryce Sainty is heading back to his country roots with this feel good track “Just Chillin'”. This upbeat country hit will have you “rolling round the backroads” singing at the top of your lungs.

Bryce teamed up with #1 Australian Country duo The Wolfe Brothers to co-write “Just Chillin”’ which also features Nick Wolfe on lead guitar.

“For a long time I have experimented with my sound, trying to find a place for my music. Working with Rod (McCormack) my producer, we stripped things back and worked on creating a more organic sound that represents the music that I fell in love with and for the first time I fell like I have found my home in country music”

Bryce has been taking the country pop world by storm with over 2 million streams and named an “artist to watch” by Spotify. With an EP in the works for early 2022, Bryce is carving his own way in Australian country music.

Achievements To Date:

2020 On The Weekend – #11 on The Music Network Country Chart
2020 Named “Artist To Watch” by Spotify
2020 Released “Do You Remember” – 400,000 Streams
2019 The Music Network Top 50 Country Chart – KIX FM Top 5 – “Never Going Back”
2019 Released “Never Going Back”, “Table For Two” and “Goodbye” – over 700,000 streams.
2018 Released “Eleven Eleven” and “Something I Want” – Top Radio Singles
2017 Nomination for CMC Award – Best New Artist 2016 Released single “STATUS” – #2 on iTunes 2014 Star Maker Top 10 Finalist
2013 Released Debut EP – Top 5 on iTunes
2013 Performed and Featured on Channel 10 tv show – What’s Up Down Under
2012 Released Debut Single “Message In A Bottle” – Top 10 on iTunes – Top 50 CMC 2012 Graduated the CMAA Academy of Country Music
2011 Winner – TodaysCountry94one Brand New Star Competition

Spy v Spy – Overland

Spy v Spy’s ‘New Reasons’ is their first new album in 28 years.

Spy v Spy is unquestionably one of Australia’s most socially conscious rock bands. They started out as the voice of Sydney’s homeless squatters in the early eighties but their songs spoke for everyone who felt under the thumb of the system. They told true stories of the common struggle that polite Australia didn’t necessarily want to hear. With platinum albums and gold top ten singles, the Spy’s gave Australia anthems that defined a generation and cemented themselves as Oz rocks working-class heroes.

With the tragic passing of Michael Weiley one of Australia’s unsung heroes of guitar, Cliff Grigg original drummer and songwriter was charged with the task to bring the Spy’s back to their early glory. Michael had handpicked some local musicians and embraced them as the new Spy’s to carry the music forward into the future. Four member’s one goal; to redeem the Spy’s legacy and play the music with passion and pride. Driven by Cliff Grigg, Spy’s first new album in over 28 years came together. The aptly named, ‘New Reasons’, is filled with great Australian rock. The Spy’s are back and here to stay.

The current line-up is filled with some stellar talent. Cliff Grigg toured nationally and internationally with acts such as INXS, The Angels, Midnight Oil, The Clash, David Bowie, U2, and Simple Minds. He has recorded top ten albums with the Spy’s. His songwriting and drumming style can be heard on countless classic rock tracks like platinum-selling ‘Don’t Tear It Down’, ‘Credit Cards’, ‘One Of A Kind’, ‘AO MOD’, ‘Clarity Of Mind’, and many more. Cliff brings an enormous amount of explosive energy, experience and enthusiasm to the band which reflects in the live shows that will leave you breathless.

Dean Reynolds earned his reputation in the rugged working-class hotels of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. An extremely passionate and dedicated front man that delivers a veraciously soulful live performance. His powerful vocal style and menacing presence gives him an edge rarely experienced in the live music scene. He was personally chosen by Michael Weiley to carry on the legacy.

Cameron Hallmen brings his many years of live performance with the dedication to lay down the thunderous bottom end. With a relaxed & effortless style, bringing the rhythm of a freight train that can be felt as well, as heard. As a mad Spy’s fan from an early age, his influences were full of melodic percussive attack, energetic performances of purity, and all heart. He has obtained all of these traits.

Andrew Davis is honoured to pay homage to Michael Weiley who has passed on his personal guitar to Andrew to keep the Spy’s music alive with an authentic and melodic sound. True respect to Michael’s style and legacy. His feel and tone are paramount to his sound with a high energy clean style that delivers every night. “No one could emulate Mike’s sound he was so unique and melodic. Always had the perfect note in the perfect place a True Australian Guitar hero.” – Andrew Davis

The issues that Spy v Spy highlighted with their music are sadly still part of our cultural fabric. Now seems like the perfect time for the band to reignite the fire in their original fans and light a spark with a new generation who will need to carry the torch forward. Your first chance to see Spy v Spy will be at the launch of their new single, ‘Overland’, in Newcastle where it all began at the Wickam Park Hotel on July 3. Tickets are available now from Bigtix. The album, ‘New Reasons’ will be released in September 2021.

Elaskia – Can’t Help Loving You

Following the success of her previous singles landing features in the hit American TV series and worldwide Netflix series ‘DYNASTY’, ‘MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS’ and most recently ‘HOME AND AWAY’ ELASKIA is beginning to make a name for herself in the pop scene here in Australia and globally. Now ELASKIA is back with her latest song ‘Can’t Help Loving You’ a vulnerable pop ballad that recognises a toxic relationship and the struggle of leaving it.


With smooth, dulcet vocals that intertwine with her piano, ELASKIA elicits raw emotion, rarely heard in a young emerging artist. With great success in her songwriting, her debut single ‘Calling Out My Name’ was featured in the hit American TV broadcast and Worldwide Netflix series ‘DYNASTY’ as well as ‘MARVEL’S RUNAWAYS’. Her follow up single ‘I Will Do Anything’ also landed in one of the Australia’s most popular drama series ‘Home and Away’ in 2020 and was made a feature in the September issue of ‘Total Girl Magazine’.

ELASKIA has a sound that can best be compared to the artists she’s opened for Vera Blue, Alpine, Montaigne, Johnny Manuel and has also shared the lineup with acts RUFUS, Peking Duk, Gang of Youths, The Preatures, The Jungle Giants, Ocean Alley, Skeggs and Amy Shark.

ELASKIA’s single ‘Calling Out My Name’ was announced in ballot one for the 2019 Grammys® along with ELASKIA’s feature track with artist and producer GEM ‘Rich Girl Remix’ which was also featured in the Billboard magazine Grammy edition.

Currently working on a string of releases for 2021 and shows including Lighthouse Festival supporting Missy Higgins, ELASKIA’s brand new single ‘Can’t Help Loving You’ is a vulnerable ballad about how painful loving someone can sometimes be.

Corrj – Lost In My Mind

Australian singer, songwriter, and producer Corrj presents his debut single ‘Lost In My Mind’, as featured on his upcoming concept album. The album is themed around the timeline of a relationship, with ‘Lost In My Mind’ being described as “arrogant, confident, and catchy; representing what being single feels like”.

Born in Australia, Corrj loves experimenting with new sounds, breaking the mould by working on the edge of genres thanks to an upbringing that exposed him to Mozart, Fall Out Boy, John Mayer, and everything in between.

“I want to create music that enhances your emotions, with songs for when the night is about to become something special; when you’ve got a drink in one hand and the other hand just wants to move with the vibe.”


Country star Gary Allan has released his long-awaited new album, Ruthless, listen here. The California native marks his return to the spotlight with a stunning 13 track album produced by Mark Wright, Tony Brown, Greg Droman, Jay Joyce, and Allan himself. The songwriting shines, setting the tone for a body of work that feels engaging and fresh. The superb instrumentation is a stand-out of the record which adds a layer of complexity and appeal, drawing from Allan’s deep-rooted influences of the ’80s and ’90s. Allan’s unique storytelling coupled with his artistic nature masterfully ties the project together into his best work to date.

“This is a montage of everything I have done since my last album,” Allan says of Ruthless. “It’s what I love. I remain influenced by the ’90s — as well as by the ’80s. Twenty-six tracks were cut for this album. Then I went back to the studio and recorded three or four more tracks. Then I returned for two more. From each of these many sessions, I stripped out the cool stuff that I wanted on the record.”


With the allure of a modern-day outlaw, Gary Allan has won over fans, peers and critics with his signature blend of smoldering vocals, rebellious lyrics and raucous live performances. While becoming a force on the country music scene, Allan has remained true to his artistic voice each step of the way. In 2016 Allan re-signed with Universal Music Group Nashville, the label home for the entirety of his twenty-four year career. His last album, Set You Free, topped the all-genre Billboard 200, a career first for Allan. The album also made its debut at the top of the Billboard Country Album chart (for the fourth time in a row) and produced his fifth #1 US country radio chart topper with “Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain).” The California native released his first album, Used Heart for Sale, in 1996 and since then has released eight additional studio albums selling over 8 million albums, been certified platinum on three back-to-back albums, and been certified gold five times. Allan has five No. 1 hits at country radio, fourteen Top 10 hits to his credit and amassed over 2.6 billion total streams. His album Smoke Rings in the Dark recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with the release of his first ever vinyl appearance. He’s described as “dark and dreamy” in Entertainment Weekly, “soulful and rough around the edges” in Playboyand deemed a “maverick” by Rolling Stone. He has sold out venues as a headliner from NY to LA, appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Live with Kelly and Michael and Jimmy Kimmel Live. He has also landed on the covers of Country Weekly, Pollstar and People magazine.

René Le Feuvre – Euphoria

Rising pop/folk singer-songwriter, Gold Coast based René Le Feuvre has released a brand new song in follow up to his recent single ‘Little Boy’. ‘Euphoria’ is a vibrant and inspiring upbeat track this is impossible not to sing along to. A warm vocal tone with flavours of 80’s pop production gives a unique and interesting sound that builds throughout the song.

“I can’t wait to release Euphoria! It’s my favourite song to date because it reminds me of so many memories with my friends. Moving out of a small country town in North Queensland to the Gold Coast so young was difficult and it took me a while to find good friends. I kinda didn’t fit in anywhere, but I remember the exact moment of realisation I had found my people. It’s so simple but defining … I was driving next to my mate with the windows down listening to ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ by Toploader which I actually mention in the second verse. It was just after I had my car stolen and my friend had lent me her car … I had this overwhelming realisation of just how amazing my friends were and wanted to document it in a song so I could come back to it. I struggled with the bridge so I ask my housemate Joshua Bell (electronic/pop artist Saint Barae) to help me and we finished the song together. I then produced the song with Gold Coast producer Jared Adlam. We also recorded a stripped back version as well which will come out after the main track” René said.

Crafting his organic sound by busking on the streets of North Queensland, Rene’s style is nothing but heartfelt and authentic. With a similar tone to Passenger and Ed Sheeran, the young artist’s storytelling style of writing has already been recognised by industry professionals, taking out the Top 3 spot in Nashville’s Rising Song Competition in 2019 and a Top 40 Nomination in the prestigious Vanda and Young Competition in 2021.

After relocating from North Queensland to pursue a career in AFL with the Gold Coast Suns, René instead found his true passion in music after performing on The Voice Australia in 2018 where he was coached by Boy George.

2020 would have seen René embark on his most ambitious outing yet securing two showcases for the 2020 SXSW Music Festival and Conference in Austin Texas. Unfortunately, this career defining opportunity was lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic and René returned to his Northern Queensland home to create his most honest and fully realised material yet.

This period of unprecedented times was documented in his debut EP ‘Watch Me Fall’ which was supported by a sold out headline show at Gold Coast’s iconic Miami Marketta.

2021 continues to be a defining year for René as he transitions in his sound and branding. Earlier this year, René released catchy track ‘Little Boy’ and there are more releases to follow as he prepares for his new EP. René has been signed to Checked Label Services / Kobalt Music Publishing for global representation.