Paul Kelly – Every Step Of The Way

Paul Kelly today announces the release of a new song, “Every Step Of The Way”.

Paul wrote the deeply emotive song a year ago after seeing champion AFL footballer Eddie Betts bare his soul on national TV, talking about the racism he’s experienced on and off the field over the years.

“Eddie Betts has brought joy to me and so many others with the amazing feats he’s performed on the field for 17 years. But he’s shown even more class and courage off the field in talking about the deep hurt of everyday racism. Eddie keeps educating.” says Paul Kelly.

Released with the support of Eddie Betts, the song highlights the ongoing issue of deeply rooted everyday racism that we continue to struggle with in Australia.

Says Eddie Betts of the song: “I was so honoured when Paul reached out to me with a song that he had written from his heart. He has always empowered us mob with his music and his authentic and heartfelt collaborations have always been enjoyed by myself and all my family for many years. I feel proud to have this song written for me by someone so respected here in Australia and someone who has always stood in solidarity with us mob – this song means a lot to me”

Eli Greeneyes – She Don’t Care

Eli Greeneyes is exactly the kind of artist we need in 2021 – eccentric, exciting, guitar-driven pop reminiscent of classics Oasis and Something For Kate but also modern pop rulers Yungblud and even Billie Eilish – and today, he has announced his electric new single and video She Don’t Care. The WA-based musician has also collaborated with Perth hip hop royalty DRAPHT on two singles on his new album Shadows and Shinings (also released today) and Eli Greeneyes will be joining DRAPHT on the road for his extensive 13 WA-date album tour in September, October and November this year.

She Don’t Care features so much of what we already know we love about Eli Greeneyes, but with plenty of innovation to spark a thrill upon every new listen. It’s guitar-driven, powerful pop, with a carefully written topline, empassioned lyrics, and an absolutely killer mix. It’s like a track from the early 2000s, written for a 2021 audience. Speaking on the inspiration behind She Don’t Care, Eli Greeneyes says, “She Don’t Care is about someone from my past who came along at a time when I was having a lot of mental health issues. Their intentions were extremely different to mine and I was listening to them too much instead of trusting my own intentions and instincts! I lost myself. When I wrote it I thought it was their fault, but now I realise that I also played a part in letting it take that direction. I had to write this song to gain back my true ‘not taking shit’ self.”

The video for She Don’t Care is overflowing with attitude, and it’s the perfect visual representation of the frustration and angst behind the song itself. Eli Greeneyes sings directly to the camera, walking towards us while a woman points and yells right up in his face. The confrontation is real, but the resolve

that Greeneyes has developed through the catharsis of this song is real too. Speaking simply, he refects on the idea behind the video clip, and the team who made it happen, “The concept was created by my friends James Mooney, Ben Matei and I. We wanted it to be predominantly a performance based video with an underlying simple narrative of self destruction and attracting the wrong people in your life… Everyone involved with the clip is creative in their own light with something to say and achieve. They are all my best friends who I want to take on this journey.”

Produced alongside Mark McEwan (Karnivool, Drapht), She Don’t Care is a brilliant example of an artist who is totally in control of the process, and completely enamoured by the idea of creating new songs and new sounds. Not only is Eli Greeneyes producing killer tracks for himself, but he’s also collaborating with other artists, including DRAPHT, and sharing his high production skills with his wider community. Speaking of community, Eli Greeneyes is pumped to get back on the stage and perform for his fans, as he reflects, “My shows are an opportunity to meet and understand my fans with what they connect with the most about my music. What am I saying that makes them feel heard and understood? That all comes down to singing the lyrics for me. Expressing them in that up close and personal way so the story hits straight to the heart.”

Metallica – The Metallica Blacklist



Metallica marks the 30th anniversary of its self-titled fifth album (aka The Black Album) with two landmark releases. The Black Album remastered and The Metallica Blacklist

Much more than a mere tribute album, The Metallica Blacklist celebrates the enduring influence of this musical milestone with one of the most ambitious projects ever conceived by the Metallica team: An unprecedented 50+ artists spanning an unbelievably vast range of genres, generations, cultures, continents and more, each contributing a unique interpretation of their favourite Black Album cut.

The Metallica Blacklist offers up new dimensions of the record whose gravitational pull first drew the mainstream to Metallica-and provides new insights into the universal and timeless appeal that kept it there: the boundary-smashing influence these 12 songs have had on fans and musicians of all stripes. The Metallica Blacklist ‘s 53 tracks find singer songwriters, country artists, electronic and hip hop artists sharing their love of these songs alongside punk rockers, indie darlings, icons of rock, metal, world music and many, many more… and for 50+ good causes: Profits will be divided evenly between charities of the artist’s choice and Metallica’s All Within My Hands Foundation.

The Metallica Blacklist is a fitting and limitless homage, one that features bands who’ve shared stages with Metallica alongside artists who are younger than the original album. It’s a truly staggering, at times mystifying assemblage of musicians, dozens of whom have little to nothing in common other than the shared passion for the music that’s united them for this album: 1 Album. 12 Songs. 53 Artists. Unlimited Possibilities.


GRAMMY® Award-winning multiplatinum artist Lorde today releases her Te Reo Māori EP ‘Te Ao Mārama’.

“I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS. News I’ve been waiting a really long time to share with you. It is my great pleasure to present TE AO MĀRAMA, a 5-song companion piece to SOLAR POWER, sung entirely in te reo Māori, the indigenous language of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Many things revealed themselves slowly to me while I was making this album, but the main realisation by far was that much of my value system around caring for and listening to the natural world comes from traditional Māori principles. There’s a word for it in te reo: kaitiakitanga, meaning ‘guardianship or caregiving for the sky, sea and land’. I’m not Māori, but all New Zealanders grow up with elements of this worldview. Te ao Māori and tikanga Māori are a big part of why people who aren’t from here intuit our country to be kind of ‘magical’, I think. I know I’m someone who represents New Zealand globally in a way, and in making an album about where I’m from, it was important to me to be able to say: this makes us who we are down here. It’s also just a crazy beautiful language- I loved singing in it. Even if you don’t understand te reo, I think you’ll get a kick out of how elegant my words sound in it. Hana’s translations for Te Ara Tika / The Path and Hine-i-te-Awatea / Oceanic Feeling in particular take my g-d breath away.

I told the full story of the project to Leonie Hayden, editor at The Spinoff Ātea, which I highly recommend you check out here.

Huge thanks go to Hemi and Hana for their exquisite translations and general wisdom/mana/lols, to Madeline and her aunties Sandra and Marian for their expert guidance, to my favourite Kiwi musicians Bic Runga and Marlon Williams who grace these songs, to Huia Hamon for graciously allowing me to colourise one of her papa Rei’s iconic works for the cover, and of course to Dame Hinewehi Mohi and the greatest of all time, Sir Tīmoti Kāretu for overseeing this. Absolute royalty in the credits!!!

All proceeds from TE AO MĀRAMA will go to two amazing NZ-based charities- Forest and Birdand Te Hua Kawariki Charitable Trust.

Eddie Vedder – Long Way


Today, Eddie Vedder releases a brand-new solo single entitled “Long Way” via Seattle Surf/Republic Records.

The song is the first song off Vedder’s forthcoming solo album Earthling.

In creating the song, Vedder worked with producer Andrew Watt in their first collaboration together. Vedder’s iconic vocals shine through as Watt’s production drives home the emotions of the track.

ABBA – I Still Have Faith In You / Don’t Shut Me Down

It’s been a while since we made music together. Almost 40 years, actually. We took a break in the spring of 1982 and now we’ve decided it’s time to end it. They say it’s foolhardy to wait more than 40 years between albums, so we’ve recorded a follow-up to “The Visitors”. To tell the truth, the main inspiration to record again comes from our involvement in creating the strangest and most spectacular concert you could ever dream of. We’re going to be able to sit back in an audience and watch our digital selves perform our songs on a stage in a custom-built arena in London next spring. Weird and wonderful!

To all of you who patiently have followed us in some way or another these past decades:

Thank you for waiting – it’s time for a new journey to begin.

“We simply call it “Voyage” and we’re truly sailing in uncharted waters. With the help of our younger selves, we travel into the future. It’s not easy to explain but then it hasn’t been done before.”

“It’s hard to say what’s been the most joyful thing for me (Benny) with this project. If it’s the involvement in creating the concert together with everyone or being back in the studio together again after 40 years. I think hearing Frida and Agnetha singing again is hard to beat. When you come to the arena you will have the four of us together with an absolutely glorious 10-piece band. And even if not in the flesh, we will be right there, thanks to the work of the creative team and ILM.”

“Those first sessions back in 2018 were such fun and when Benny called and asked if I’d (Anni-Frid) consider singing some more I jumped at it! And what songs!! My respect and love go out to these exceptionally talented, truly genius songwriters! Such joy it was to work with the group again. I am so happy with what we have made, and I dearly hope our fans feel the same.”

“When we got back together in the studio I (Agnetha) had no idea what to expect…But Benny’s recording studio is such a friendly and safe environment, and before I knew it I was really enjoying myself! I can hardly believe that finally, the moment has come to share this with the world!”

“They’re such amazing singers those two, I (Björn) was completely floored by the way they delivered those songs. They’re true musicians; totally unimpressed by pop star glamour but still having a great time being creative in a recording studio. The “Voyage” project has injected new life into us in more ways than one.”

“So, again, thanks for waiting! We hope to see you in the “ABBA Arena” and yes – see – because we have infused a good deal of our souls into those avatars. It’s not an exaggeration to say that we’re back.”

Isy Cappo – Rebound Girl

Rebound Girl is a fresh, rambunctious, boppy song ready for all to dance along to! The storyline follows a woman who’s sick of being the second option / “Rebound Girl” this song is an anthem of “I’ve had enough”.

Isy Cappo has been bubbling under in the Australian music scene for the past two years and is beginning to grab the attention of a national audience. Refusing to be bound by the expectations of others, she is building a reputation as an artist that can navigate the waters of diverse genres like a seasoned professional.

Based out of Australia, still only 16 and inspired by artists such as Adele, Paramore and Jessie J, it is clear from her five singles to date that she is a woman on the cusp of commercial success. Featuring on Triple J Unearthed and Atomic Radio, Isy is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter whose voice soars effortlessly above her own original compositions. Powerful, emotional and addictive, her lyrics display a connection to her own truths and the sassiness of her peers. With over 100,000 plays on Spotify in an incredibly short space of time, it is clear that her music is resonating with an ever-growing audience.

Her pop sensibilities are underscored by the joy of making music and a dedication to create tracks that can speak to everyone. From straight out rock to raw emotional ballads, she pivots from one genre to another with an unerring sense of confidence that speaks to her true talents as an artist. Responsible for every part of the creative process, Isy Cappo weaves complex harmonies and melodies with a narrative that only the dreams of youth can inspire. An old soul in a young mind, and painting sonic landscapes of a world unimagined, the power of her voice is a gift that keeps on giving.

As she continues to release music at a frenetic pace, the future is safe in Isy’s hands and her journey is only just beginning. Join her on her travels and discover just what that future sounds like.

The Engagement – Heaven So Close

Melbourne band The Engagement are back with a timely single ‘Heaven So Close’, an uplifting anthem about enduring and overcoming obstacles during hard times. Triple J called it “a poppy sugar hit to meet your cravings.”

In collaboration with NYC based producer Brent Kolatalo – who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry – the band have managed to capture all the qualities of the catchy and meaningful electro-pop that has allowed their previous singles to garner close to a million streams on Spotify.

To celebrate the release, the band will headline at ‘The Espy’ on Friday, September 17th along with a Regional Victoria tour later this year.

‘Heaven So Close’ is now available worldwide on all streaming platforms followed by a debut EP in 2022.

Band Bio:

Triple J say “They can clearly put together the hooks and glitz.” Fox FM labelled them “a cool 80s/retro sound” and Triple M called them “fantastic.” The Engagement deliver independent music with a stadium sound drawing influence from the likes of Imagine Dragons, Coldplay and Bastille.

Their songs combine earnest storytelling and big hooky melodies to create their own brand of electro-pop that has gained them close to a million streams on Spotify.

They’ve performed to audiences in Melbourne and across Australia, including shows at St Kilda’s Oktoberfest, and residencies at Luna Park.

With a number of independent singles under their belts (In The End, Another Year and Heaven So Close), they continue to evolve their sound and engage with a growing fanbase both online and at shows.

The band are excited to showcase new material to Melbourne and regional Victoria in 2021.

SELFISH SONS – Hard Enough

Selfish Sons are a three-piece band from Brisbane who make rock music with pop sensibility, these brothers have established themselves as eccentric entertainers with a powerful sound. Today they release their new song, ‘Hard Enough’.

The rock outfit consists of brothers, Jordy and Finn who met Jonty in a commercial audition room at the age of 8. This spontaneous friendship grew tenfold through high school after realising their love for infectious melodies and having a laugh was better suited to writing songs ‘tongue in cheek’ for an aptly named band, not getting kicked out of a classroom.

After many devious nights and failed cover attempts, the addictive energy of live shows became an obsession leading to numerous tours and sold out shows up and down the East Coast, endearing themselves as an energetic and passionate upcoming act.

More recently the band have signed on with LA based management teams, ‘Connexion Music’ and ‘Goodlife Management’ as well as independent label ‘Riveting Management’.

Selfish Sons plan to showcase their songs to radio on the East Coast when it becomes possible post Covid.

Michael Waugh – Dark

‘Dark’ is the third single from The Cast (out now). It follows ‘Flying’ and ‘Dirty River’ – which peaked at #13 and #15 respectively on the TMN Countrytown Hot 50 airplay chart. It’s a celebration of the classic pub rock songs of the ’80s – especially Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Dancing in the Dark’ and Cold Chisel’s ‘Khe Sanh’ – and the pub and club culture of the day.

“Ringers Nightclub in Sale was the place to go on a Saturday night when I was growing up in Gippsland,” says Waugh. “It was a place where FIFO workers from the oil rigs, young dairy farmers, local tradies – and even the odd underage kid – would meet up on a Friday night for a drink.”

The music video, shot by long time collaborator Sean Kirkwood, is directed and conceived by Waugh. He tells of how “we were inspired by music videos from the ’80s – especially Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark and Pat Benatar’s Love is a Battlefield videos. The concept was about living out a night in reverse – almost like you’re piecing together a messy night. The highlight for me though was working with a group of ex-students who play the backing dancers and the young woman at the night club.”